Village Centre Traffic


A study has been undertaken to identify road and parking improvements that can be made to the centre of Edinbane village to improve the layout, traffic flow and access around the village for those on foot or with bicycles.


The study has mapped existing road width and parking, identifying bottle necks and opportunities to increase safety for non car users. Land has been identified for additional parking for residents of Hawthorn place, this land is currently owned by the Lochalsh and Skye Housing association, they have indicated  that they are prepared to sell it to ECC for a minimal amount. In addition a potential site for additional short term parking for campervans and cars visiting the village has been identified, negotiations are ongoing with the owner. Sections of the road have been identified where it will be possible to create cycle and walking routes. A power source is proposed for the “centre” – old recycling bin site – that can be used for outdoor events.