Social Housing


In 2016 we carried out a Housing needs assessment survey with the support and help of the Highlands Small Community Housing Trust. The results of the survey can be downloaded below. The survey highlighted the need for housing for both local people and also local businesses requiring accommodation for their staff.

Edinbane Housing Survey Report


A Housing Development Co. have purchased land at Coishetter in Edinbane. The land is designated for Housing development as part of the scheme the Development co. have to provide a certain percentage of socially affordable homes. ECC have partnered with the developer and for the last 3 years have been negotiating designs and identifying funding. ECC has been awarded funding from the Community Land fund to purchase 6 “serviced” plots on which we can build houses. We continue to be supported by the Housing Trust from funding, management and development perspectives. The Housing Trust will assist with allocations which will prioritise young people from the area. Th final decision on % of house to be sold and % for rent has not been made. Any that are sold will carry an “affordable housing burden” which means that they will always be properties in an affordable housing category.