An Atlas of Edinbane

The following ‘atlas’ introduces and explores the past, present and, potential future ideas for the community of Edinbane on the Isle of Skye, Scotland.

‘An Atlas of Edinbane’ is a project which highlights the development of a community since the 17th century, highlights current businesses and industries within this rural community, and introduces ideas which have been formed and shaped by the community through mapping workshops and consultations.

The project results in the setting out of a series of ten key ideas for a future Edinbane, highlighting inspirational projects nationally and internationally which can be used as precedents to form, shape and inspire each individual idea.

Each of these ideas have either a montage, map or an associated graphic to give you, the reader, an idea of how each of these ideas can form a jigsaw of a vision for Edinbane.

The project has been developed by Lateral North and Elgar Finlay Limited for the Edinbane Community Company and as such each idea would be in itself a project which can be developed by the local
community with the backing of the Edinbane Community Company.

Some of the ideas can be actioned now while others will require further development and engagement with other professionals.

An Atlas Of Edinbane