The fund can be used for projects defined under the “Objects” of the ECC Articles and Memorandum of Association which includes initiatives:

  1. To manage community land and assets for the benefit of the Community and the public in general.
  2. To promote the benefit of the inhabitants of the Community in an effort to advance education and to provide facilities for recreation and other leisure-time occupation.
  3. To advance the education of the community about it’s environment, culture and / or history.

It is suggested that if you are unclear as to whether your project fits with the “objects” of the ECC you discuss the application with a Director before making a submission.

The Company is prepared to consider 100% funding in exceptional circumstances for applications but in general applicants are expected to raise some monies from some other sources. This is to enable the Company to maximise the benefit of the funds that it has at its disposal. 

It is suggested that you discuss the likely proportions of any funding applications with a Director before making a submission.

The fund may not be used for the following:

  1. For the promotion of any specific political or religious purpose;
  2. To replace funding for projects already funded through the public sector (if in any doubt discuss this issue with a Director).
  3. To oppose, obstruct or object to the development, construction or operation of the Wind Farm or any other wind farm.
  4. For projects or activities that are contrary to the interests of the Windfarm.
  5. For purposes other than those defined under the Objects.

To download a funding application and guidance notes see below. 

File Download Size Type
Educational Grant application form ECC Download 172.52 KB DOCX
Edinbane Community Company Covid Exceptional Need Fund Guidance Download 48.88 KB PDF
Apprenticeship Scheme application form Download 97.77 KB DOCX
ECC Small Grant application form 2019 Download 98.06 KB DOCX
ECC Grant application form Download 99.30 KB DOCX

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