Karen’s Track – Neighbour notification
Pony in field
Published: Mar 9, 2022


Dear Resident,

As you will be aware, ECC has been planning improvement and renovation works to the path between Brookside, Clachamish and the Fanks road end. We are finally able to start work this Spring, and Karen Nicolson’s (nee MacLeod) family have kindly agreed that the completed path can be named ‘Karen’s Track’ in recognition of our community’s own Olympian and sporting legend. We hope that it may inspire future home-grown stars of the track and field, as well as being a great amenity for us all.

The works are mainly to tidy-up the ‘old road’ where it is in good condition, restore it to 3m width, and patch holes or broken surface. Some short sections of new 2m wide tarmac path will be laid to link up broken sections of old road. Three old stone bridges will be sensitively restored (pointing, loose masonry and missing parapets), with simple safety barriers installed to protect cyclists and horse-riders. The number of field/cattle gates will be reduced and replaced with cattle grids and pass gates – so there will be less opening and shutting of heavy field gates required. A short new path diversion at Lyndale will avoid users having to interact with livestock. Work on brush and gorse clearance will take place in March before the nesting season starts. The main part of the path renovation work will take place April-June, and we intend to keep the path open as much as possible, only closing it for short periods if absolutely necessary.

CONTRACT SUPERVISION: Contract supervision will be provided by Mark Crowe, Highland Council Access Officer.

CONTACT: For queries relating to the works please contact ECC’s Development Officer, Andrew Prendergast at; devworker@edinbanecommunitycompany.org

Thank you.